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Mission To Berlin Germany 1944-03-22

Published March 22, 1944

Army Air Forces Combat Subject film # 1096 Mission To Berlin Germany 1944-03-22

Shot list from the National Archives: "Summary:
1) BC0900-910 A. B-17 formation flying R to L over clouds. (6 planes) tip ot propeller of Cam. ship in view-- MLS.
2) 911-921 A. MLS--4 Forts over clouds, R to L.
3) 922-943 A. MLS various views 4 to 9 planes (B-17s) flying R to L over clouds.
4) 944-956 A. LS large formation B-17s leaving vapor trails flying R to L, sky in distance dotted with planes not leaving vapor trails.
5) 957-963 A. MS Vapor trails in fg, 3 Forts visible R to L leaving vapor trails; underneath view of one silhouetted against dark sky.
6) 964-973 A. LS Large formation B-17s in sky, ones in fg leaving vapor trails, flak bursts in fg.
7) 974-979 A. MS 2 Forts among vapor trails, leaving vapor trails, LS bombs falling, heavy flak in fg.
8) 980-992 A. View of heavy flak against clouds.
9) 993-998 A. Dark view of target (hardly visible).
10) 999-1030 A. LS sunshine on target (very hazy) fires & clouds of smoke.
11) 031-036 A. MS Single B-17 in fog or haze leaving vapor trail, flying R to L.
12) 037-064 A. MCS Clearer view of single B-17 flying R to L leaving vapor trails (still thru smoke or fog).
13) 065-075 A. MS 2 B-17s leaving vapor trails, one in front flies out of camera range.
14) 076-086 A. MS 2 B-17s leaving vapor trails, one flying higher than other nearest camera goes up out of view.
15) 087-096 A. MS 3 Forts flying R to L leaving vapor trail. Two other planes come into view.
16) 097-110 A. CU 2 engines flying R to L.
17) 111- 124 A. MLS Formation of 8 B-17s silhouetted against sky, propeller of Cam. ship in fg. shuts off view of all but 3 planes.
18) 125-132 A. MS B-17 R to L over CU of top Cam. ship.
19) 133- 146 A. CU 2 propellers of cam. ship.
20) 147-157 A. MS Looking down on single B-17 against dark sky.
21) 158-190 A. CU 1 propeller of cam. ship, giving distant view of terrain.
22) 191- 279 A. LS target, 1 B-17 comes into sc. from L leaving vapor trails (hazy, clouds over target).
23) 280-300 A. CU feathered prop on cam. ship outer starboard engine.
24) 301-303 A. 6 B-17s circling R to L (looking down on planes).
25) 304-320 A. MS Single B-17 R to L in fg., large formation in bg.
26) 321-333 A. MS 1 B-17 flying R & Toward camera, 9 or 10 other planes in bg. all against dark sky (static lines - NG).
27) 334-348 A. CU top of fuselage of cam. ship.
28) 349-366 A. CU feathered prop on outer starboard engine.
29) 367-389 A. CU large flak bursts in first of sc. plane in far distance, then more flak.
30) 390-418 A. MLS 5 B-17s flying R to L against white clouds.
31) 57EH25052-059 A. MS P-47 turning & circling down against clear sky.
32) 57EH5063-083 LS B-17 formation coming in R to L; leafless tree in fg.
33) 084-105 LS B-17s flying L to R against clear sky.
34) 106-129 LS B-17 formation (11 planes) flying L to R against clear sky.
35) 130-172 MS B-17 taxiing L to R on runway past checked trailer; B-17 in revetment in fg. Long pan shot of B-17 taking off in distance (good establishing shot).
36) 173-192 MS Gas truck moving from camera in fg. B-17 in middle of runway taxiing toward camera.
37) 193-213 MS Same sc. B-17 turns L past group of men at edge of runway.
38) 214-245 MS FV B-17 taxiing toward camera, starts to turn R; trucks passing in bg. on field & general activity.
39) 24EH24134-138 LS B-17 flying R to L against clear sky.
40) 139-151 Slightly closer shot of same planes (5).
41) 152-165 MLS 2 P-38s flying from camera.
42) 166-188 LS C-47 buzzing field, planes on field in fg.
43) 189-212 MS 5 B-17s flying toward camera, up out of camera range.
44) 213-230 MS Single 7 circling down against clear sky.
45) 232-296 MS Long pan shot B-17 coming down L to R & taxiing down runway.
46) 297-326 Another Fort landing-- as sc. 45.
47) BC0734 MCU B-17 in fg. taxiis slowly R to L, one passes behind it, taxiing L to R.
48) 735-757 MS B-24 flying up toward camera silhouetted against sky, turns to R.
49) 758-769 MS 2 B-17s on field; 1 on R taxiis out.
50) 24EH24770-802 MCU 3/4 FV B- 17 "War Cry" standing on field; man in front of plane working with 2 pieces of small equipment in fg.
51) 803-814 MS B-17 taxiing toward camera on runway.
52) 815-830 MS BV B-17 flying away from camera.
53) 831-857 LS B-17 flying R to L (not clear).
54) 858-870 LS B-17 coming in for landing flying R to L (hazy).
55) 871 876 MS B-17 on runway--FV, truck backed up to front of it on R, motors turning.
56) 877-898 MS BV ambulance going down runway to B-17."

National Archives Identifier: 3729

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Run time 12 minutes 10 seconds
Producer United States. Army Air Forces
Audio/Visual silent, black & white
Language English


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